Soundboard Magazine November 2011
CD Iakovos Kolanian Plays Mikis Theodorakis
Classical Guitar Magazine November 2011
CD Iakovos Kolanian Plays Mikis Theodorakis
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Mikis Theodorakis


In arranging the eight parts of the work for solo guitar, I believe that, while he remains faithful to the spirit and letter of “Epitafios”, on the other hand, he renders fantastic “breadth” and “depth” to it, by making best use of all the great technical and expressive potentials of this magnificent and difficult instrument
I dare say that I consider this arrangement as being the closest to the spirit of my work, while, at the same time, it enables the performer to wholly  unfold all potentials of musical expression and technical maturity".  

Soundboard Magazine

Kolanian's arrangements are tasteful, often virtuosic, and as varied as possible given the nature of the material

His tone is beautiful, his playing sensitive, and there is no lack of "firepower" in the works which need it
- Albert Kunze

All Music Guide (AMG)

Kolanian has created here is an admirably lyrical, complex, and insightful fusion of folk and classical music, the kind of thing that rarely works well at all. In this case it works beautifully, mainly because of the combination of Kolanian's deep feeling for this music and his equally deep mastery of both his instrument and the principles of classical guitar style

- Rick Anderson

Global Rhythm Magazine

“With just his guitar, Kolanian conveys melody and polyphony typically reserved for the Armenian/Turkish tar (plectrum) and zurna (wind) instruments”

“Kolanian's bouncy performances remain true to that essential component”
- Stacy Meyn
Classical Guitar Magazine (June 2007)
“Kolanian's performance is a splendid offering of very emotive and characteristic music performed by a virtuoso musician indigenous to this part of the world who has a clear affinity with this music”
- Steve Marsh
Classical Guitar Magazine (July 2007)
“Kolanian performs this wonderfully varied music with panache and self-comfidence, where technique is no hindrance to the interpretations, his immaculate playing clearly bringing out each melody line in a superb display of cantabile"
- Steve Marsh