Iakovos Kolanian - 6 Armenian Traditional Dances

A totally unique work, this is a collection brings together six traditional pieces that Kolanian has transcribed for classical guitar and which have been recorded as part of his award-winning Shoror album. The pieces included in the book are: Shourch Bar, Noubar Noubar, Nazeli Bar, Yaman Yar, Osanna, and Zankezouri. This is a fascinating meditation on some choice Armenian folk tunes that is the fruit of many years of study, reflection and refinement. Given his natural affinity and instinctive feel for this music, Kolanian weaves each traditional tune with his signature virtuosic arrangements.


Johann Sebastian Bach - Lute Suites
A collection of four of Bach's Lute Suites -- BWV 995, BWV 996, BWV 997 and BWV1006a--transcripbed by Kolanian and published by Phillipos Nakas Music House. As explainsed by Kolanian in his introduction to the recording he released under the same title: "The magnitude of Bach's music urged me to work explicitly with the four Suites for the Lute and look at them as if they comprised a single composition. As the time went by and as these compositions were maturing inside me, I was getting the feeling of going deeper into the essence of the greatness of his work."
  Suite in A minor BWV 995/Prélude - Presto 
  Suite in E major BWV 1006a/Prélude  
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Fernando Sor - 20 Studies for Guitar


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Iakovos Kolanian - Appregios for Guitar
In the book "Arpeggios for Guitar" is included the greatest part of the combinations- exercises on arpeggios that are met in classical guitar, and they are all based upon three well-known etudes: El abejorro by Emilio Pujol (1886-1980), Etude in E by Dionissio Aguado (1784-1849) and Recuerdos de la Alhambra by Fransisco Tárrega (1852-1909). In the present book, these etudes are used as models for the left hand. For obvious Reasons , in each exercise is written only the first bar of the etude, and we must stress the fact that for  complete practice  the etude should be performed in its entirety and repeatedly. The exercises are divided in units, each one constituting a separate lesson.
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Emilio Pujol - The school of  the Guitar - Book 2
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Matteo Carcassi - 25 progressive melodic studies op.60 for the guitar
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Ferdinando Carulli - Studies for the guitar
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Julio S. Sagreras - The first guitar lessons
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Julio S. Sagreras - The second guitar lessons

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